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LumaGlass™ is a globally patented and the most unique glazing and LED illumination system for interior and exterior projects.
See how it looks: https://vimeo.com/poesiaglass/lumaglass
LumaGlass™ is predominantly used by architects, interior designers and facade companies. It can be used in vertical or horizontal, straight or curved, interior and exterior applications.
LumaGlass™ as a company offer a full 360 experience, of design, supply, delivery and installation.
LumaGlass™ and all European patents were acquired last year by our company which has over 20 years experience delivering architecturally engineered projects. We are now seeking partners to create territories to collaborate with and expand this extra special product across all of Europe.
The website its about to be updated with new projects we have been undertaking in USA, Singapore and London, for major brands, your assistance with this expansion is so well positioned, as this is a patented system and like there is nothing else comparable.
t: +44 (0) 141 471 5444

e: info@luma.glass

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